Born and based in London, I’m a freelance goldsmith working in the field since graduating from Sir John Cass in 2005. I was traditionally trained in Hatton Garden under the guidance and expertise of Smith and Harris and have since gone on to undertake my own bespoke commission work.

Working closely with artists throughout the years, in particular Eileen Coyne, has opened my mind to the possibilities of being organic and free with metal. Fascinated by Mayan culture and how they worked with pure metals and their significance, I created and recreated. My passion comes from a yearn to experiment; to actually dissect, construct and deconstruct in a repeating process until the form comes to life. It’s through the promise of rebirth and growth that something pure and elemental is born.
Following a period of travel through parts of Latin America and Asia, the Gidgets were brought to life, inspired both by childhood memories and by the stories I was told around the world. The Gidgets mission? To spread stories and inspire imagination…


Items can be viewed at ‘Constantinou’ Hairdressers 18 Denmark Street WC2H 8NE or please enquire for further details




+44 7714 635024